Netcycler has a convenient shipping service starting at £0.50! And cameras for great photo competition!

Swapping is the smartest way to get the things you want, and because of Netcycler’s integrated shipping service it is also easy to do. On Netcycler the recipient always pays for shipping, so there is no reason why you shouldn’t put the shipping option on all the items you are offering.

The most convenient option is door-to-door shipping, where UPS picks up the item from your address (home or other), and delivers it straight to the doorstep of the recipient.

For smaller items we have an extremely cost effective option with Netcycler’s postal delivery for a special low price of just £0.50 per letter even up to 750g! (A limited time offer)

Using Netcycler is simple:

1. Browse the nice things offered for swap on

2. Make wishes by pressing the Swap -button and offer your own items in exchange

This is the way Netcycler works. You connect the things you offer to the items you want and Netcycler finds the trades for you! No need for endless email or phone communications with other users to try to find a match.

Tip: it is better that you offer many items for each of your wishes as they are alternative choices. But remember to connect the wishes and offers in a realistic way so that you are actually willing also to accept the trade when somebody proposes it based on your wishes and offers.

Camera on Netcycler

And then a quick reminder about London’s Picture of Sustainability – a photo competition:

London is changing; with every day that passes, the actions of people are slowly transforming the city into a more sustainable place. From urban gardens to transforming homes, remodeling businesses to volunteering in groups, the work to build a sustainable future goes on. Can you capture ‘London’s Picture of Sustainability’ in just one shot?

The winner of London’s Picture of Sustainability will not only get to experience luxury glamping, but will in fact win a ‘year of holidays’ to some of the UK’s quirkiest and most unique destinations. Check out the prizes and how to enter at 
Entry close July 22nd 2012.

P.S. There are dozens of cameras on Netcycler

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The winners of our competition!

The Netcycler team was happy to notice that so many of you participated in our great competition! On Netcycler, you can add things you don’t need anymore and wish for cool items in return! The winners of our competition are the users that added most wishes to Netcycler between April 26th and May 9th 2012.

The more items and wishes are being added, the better the odds for great trades to happen for everybody! And for those of you who haven’t tried out the service yet – simply go to and give it a try!

Netcycler competition







The lucky winners of our competition are the following users:

The first prize, a 100£ gift voucher to Nigel’s Eco Store, goes to Tina!

The following users will each be awarded with a 25£ gift voucher to M&S Food:


Congratulations to all winners!

We wish all our users fun moments and great swaps on! Happy Netcycling!



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Wishing competition and £0,50 letter delivery!

To thank our active users everyone can now use the convenient Netcycler postal delivery for a special low price of just £0,50 per letter even up to 750g! (A limited time offer)

You can also win prizes worth £20-100 simply by wishing for items!

1. Browse the nice things people offer for swap

2. Make wishes by pressing the Swap -button and offer your own items in exchange by May 9th!

This is the way Netcycler works. You connect the things you offer to the items you want and Netcycler forms the trades for you! Tip: it is better to offer many items as they are alternative choices. But remember to connect the wishes and offers in a realistic way so that you are actually willing to also accept the trade.

Here is what you can win :

  • £100 voucher to Nigel’s Ecostore for the user who adds the most new wishes
  • The next 20 users who add most new wishes will win a £25 gift voucher to M&S Food

Competition rules:

Participate in the competition by making wishes on between April 26th and May 9th 2012. Each participating wish needs to be linked to an item you offer on Netcycler. The items you link to need to have a photo as well as the mailing or shipping option enabled on Netcycler. To qualify for the competition you need to make a minimum of three such wishes.

The winner of the £100 gift vouchers to Nigel’s Ecostore is the user who has added the most new wishes.

The winners of the £25 gift vouchers to M&S Food are the next 20 users who added the most new wishes.

Netcycler staff reserves the right to disqualify wishes that link to items that are likely to be uninteresting for other users. The winners will be notified by email during the week starting May 14th, 2012 and their first names will be published on the Netcycler blog.

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Classifying your items makes it easy to select items for exchange

By popular demand we have created a very practical tool for you. On My items you will now find a drop down menu titled “Item class” for each of your items. With this menu you can classify your items into three different groups: Low value, Mid-range value and High value. The classification is not visible to others, it is simply a tool for yourself. Changing the classification of items does not affect earlier choices you have made when selecting items you are willing to give in exchange for a wish.

When combining your wishes with your items, you can use these classified item groups and mark eg. only your low value items as trade objects for a certain item. This facilitates and makes creating wishes faster as you don’t have to go through all your items and separately choose what you are willing to give in exchange. Please remember to consider carefully how you combine your items with wishes so that you don’t have to reject trade proposals later on.

Take a look!

We made a guess for the classification of your items. Go to My items page and make sure  we guessed correctly!

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Spring competition has now ended. Congratulations to all the winners!

The Netcycler spring competition has now ended. Thank you all for participating! We were happy to notice that the competition activated both very fresh users and users that have been registered on Netcycler for a quite a while already.

Congratulations to all the winners! The winners have been notified by email.

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Rates and feedback scores now visible to other users!

When dealing with swapping and trading online we feel it’s of top priority that our users can trust not only the system, but also their trade partners. That’s why we wanted rates and feedback about users’ trade actions to become visible for other Netcycler users, too.

Having a look at your trade partner’s reply rate, acceptance rate and feedback will provide you with valuable information on how quickly he/she reacts to trade proposals. It also tells how efficiently he/she has combined items and wishes.

Rates on Netcycler picture
Picture: When you find an item on Netcycler that you are interested in, click on the Show item details-link. Then you will see the item owner’s rates and overall feedback score.

The system also helps you track down your own actions and feedback on Netcycler. Optimising your trading actions and the balance between your offers and wishes will improve your overall rates and feedback. Thus it will lead to more and better trading options for you – simply because the other users know they can trust you!

Keep in mind that a trade on Netcycler might include up to four other people through a trade ring. So for example canceling a trade might not affect only you, but also several other users can become disappointed. It also lowers your acceptance rate.

Our definite goal is to provide excellent trading opportunities for all our users – we would like to see as many of you as possible doing great trades on!

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Let the sun shine in!

Happy Easter!

Now as the first rays of spring sunshine have warmed us up a bit and Easter is just round the corner, a little bit of spring cleaning might come in handy. You probably know the feeling when looking into your cupboards and drawers: the colours of the clothes you just bought last year don’t please your eye anymore, the sporting equipment you bought on sale might still remain unused in its original package and some of your home electronics might have already been upgraded to a newer model. Not to mention all the books you’ve already read – are they just gathering a thick layer of dust on your shelves? Sometimes it feels good to get rid of things you simply don’t use anymore.

On the other hand, spring time is also a nice moment for doing some shopping: new clothes, new fashion, new interior design!

We’ve created a very special system for you that will help you get rid of the things you don’t need anymore and getting all those lovely things you really want in return! And this is possible even without spending a single penny!

You can simply add things you don’t need anymore to Netcycler – either for swap, for sale, give them away for free or for donation! And then you can start browsing items on Netcycler and wish for things you want in return – you can either get them for free, through a swap or buy them!

Because Netcycler is based on a clever trade ring system, the odds for a good trade to happen is up to 400 times bigger than in a traditional one-to-one swap!

So, what are you waiting for? Have fun swapping and shopping on Netcycler!

The entire Netcycler team would like to wish you a happy and relaxing Easter!

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